Quantum Optics (WS14/15)



This course (V2+U1) provides an introduction to theoretical quantum optics. The course assumes that the students have successfully taken courses in quantum mechanics and electrodynamics. The following book will be used:

Introductory Quantum Optics by C.C. Gerry and P.L. Knight.

Topics: field quantization, multimode fields, thermal fields, coherent states, characteristic functions (Wigner function), interaction with atoms, Rabi model, Wigner-Weisskopf theory, Jaynes-Cummings model, modeling of photon detectors, beam-splitters, interferometers, non-classical light: squeezing, cat states.dissipative modeling, cavity QED experiments.

Lectures by Prof. Terhal (bterhal@gmail.com) will take place on Mondays 12.15-13.45 in the seminar room 116 of Modulbau 2.

Exercise sessions by Anna Vershynina (annavershynina@gmail.com) will take place on Tuesday 16.00-16.45 in seminar room 116 in Modulbau 2.

The examination will be based on having completed the weekly homework (50% of grade) and a final oral exam (50% of grade).

Further detailed information about the course can be found on L2P, see the link in the campus system.