Institutional Strategy II: Funding Opportunities


Institutional Strategy II: Funding Opportunities for RWTH Members


In the second phase of the Excellence Initiative, RWTH Aachen supports researchers in the development and implementation of new ideas. For this purpose, the University provides numerous funding opportunities.

Support for individual researchers is provided through the Distinguished Professorships initiative and the RWTH Fellow, RWTH-Lecturer und RWTH-Start-Up programs. As part of ERS International, recognized researchers from all over the world have the opportunity to come to RWTH Aachen as visiting scholars. ERS International also offers the Outgoing Researcher program, which provides funding for RWTH researchers who wish to spend a period of research at a university abroad.

As part of the measure Place to Be, the Re-Entry Positions program for young parents seeks to enable a fast return to work after parental leave. The Childcare initiative helps parents to find adequate child care opportunities.

The Diversity Fund provides special support for talented graduates with a diversity background.

Seed Funds, offered by ERS, Faculty 1, JARA, I³TM, and IMF, support scientists in exploring new research. They form the core element of the diverse project-specific support opportunities.

For a more detailed overview of all funding opportunities, please download the information sheet on internal funding.